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作者: a653485f405    時間: 2013-5-30 19:23     標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet Men racked his brain sweat

r shouted. Stengel blanket a blanket that Wangwang mouth, eyes equally defiant: "I am instructed by the Taishi make nursing Ming emperor, if the military who dare rude, I shall intrinsic to Taishi decision. "hear these words, and then gradually come around to see four weeks of Stengel's men, knew himself better off not discuss Menheng Wilson could not help but cry, teeth roots low shouted:" Taishi has made, with Seoul Please Emperor Ming dinner to large accounts in the military, so I had spread, go! "he finished, off Wilson stared bitterly Zhu Qizhen one, Lema Zhuantou Chao to place the line, which also give all cavalry Biao With its bolted away. "Your Majesty really good courage, in our Waci camp, actually dare Christian Louboutin Outlet Men so." Stengel put that around half leg of lamb threw his soldiers, turned his face, the punch Zhu Qizhen laughed, his face The expression also somewhat admirable. "If he treated with courtesy to me, so why should I " Zhu Qizhen rubbed his hands heart cold sweat, his face still seems so down to England Wuwei Lie, racked his brain sweat, finally Biechu a classical come. "Dear people, were constant Noriyuki, shame people, were constant disgrace." Yuan Bin, who could not help but look of reverence and admiration, but Zhu Qizhen already a big Ming emperors, than lord also lord of the emperor. Therefore, they naturally do not need to leap out crying and shouting shouting holding Zhu Qizhen thigh lord, can only ogle  Looks passed between the footmarks Taotao's admiration fishes. With that Stengel line to a heavily guarded military large Christian Louboutin Outlet accounts in the former, Zhu Qizhen looked Waci soldier opened the curtain off, could not help but sigh a breath, bite the bullet, under the urging of the Tengger This came into the song and laughter of large accounts. In Zhu Qizhen this one is not able to see the Mongols niche Christian Louboutin Outlet a pale appearance, the original noisy suddenly within large accounts like being dumb by the general shape of the power of the fire, that is, it is still just a big publicity Esen could not help but laugh a m
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