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標題: Christian Louboutin Scarpe and to continue with short-term fiscal stimulus plan [打印本頁]

作者: a653485f405    時間: 2013-5-30 18:53     標題: Christian Louboutin Scarpe and to continue with short-term fiscal stimulus plan

ecessionGloomy UK The IMF says that the recession is expected to be... quite severe in the United Kingdom, which is being hit by the end of the boom in real estate and financial services.It is predicting that UK unemployment will rise to 9.2% by the Christian Louboutin Scarpe end of 2010, compared to 6.7% at the moment. And it is warning that the UK budget deficit will rise to 11% of GDP, reflecting mainly automatic stabilisers and asset-price related revenue shortfalls rather than discretionary stimulus. The UK is also facing the cost of paying for the banking bail-outs, which the IMF estimated in an earlier report at Scarpe Louboutin 9.4% of GDP, or £130bn, after correcting an earlier figure of £200bn. Financial problems At the heart of the crisis is the continuing overhang of losses in the financial sector, which the IMF now estimates at $4tn, four times higher than it projected just one year ago. And it warns that the current outlook is exceptionally uncertain, with risks still weighting on the downside. It says the main risk is that policies may be insufficient to arrest the negative feedback between deteriorating financial conditions and weakening economies in the face of limited public support for policy actions.Among the risks are that rising household and corporate debt cause further falls in asset prices and losses by financial institutions. And it says that any recovery will be slower than in the past. There will be a smaller financial sector, with financing harder to come by than in the past, especially for developing countries, which will cramp their growth. And rich countries will face the burden of reducing their budget deficits Louboutin Scarpe Outlet which have soared during the crisis, at a time when their ageing populations means they will have lower tax revenues. In addition, households may be reluctant to resume their previous spending habits, as saving rates have risen sharply in the US and the UK. The IMF says it is important to take urgent action to shore up the banks, and to continue with short-term fiscal stimulus plans, in order to shorten t
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